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Download God Of War For PS4 ISO Free Full

Download God Of War For PS4 iso Free Full Version - Few people who have not heard the name of the series of God of War games, the lucky series, the first version of which was available for the PS2 Generation Console in 2005, quickly captured many users with an epic storyline, After the impressive success of the first version of the game, Sony released the second version of the game for its sixth generation consoles in 2008, after which a third version of the game was released, Sony's success with God of War was so impressive that the game turned into One of the brand names of the PlayStation, a symbol that can be considered as one of the top Ray played the history games. Recently, the fourth version of this lovely God of War series is available; this version will be the same as the previous version with Critus, with the difference that this time in addition to his son Critos will be with him. "Free PS4 ISO PKG CFW Games Download"

The story of the game is based on the three previous versions, where Critus has come to full maturity and now has a son, in the new version, we do not see the anger and hatred of Cretus from the world, but the story of the game revolves around Kruts and his relationship. She is with her child.
Perhaps the most important change in the game is the change in the angle of the game camera, the third-person shooter game on the shoulder of Critus has come up so that the player can control more on the game, maybe this change will not initially make users happy, but at the time users understand They will know how positive this change is.

The game of God of War is developed by the Santa Monica SCE Studio, a studio specializing in the creation of beautiful and memorable games, the technical and artistic graphics of the game are very high, and the new version of God of War is undoubtedly one of the most detailed and eye-catching visual effects. Has video games.

Unlike expectations, the new version of God of War succeeded in repeating the success of its previous releases, although the changes made to the new version of God of War are huge, but these changes have all been in the direction of improving the player experience, and you will notice progress in the game.

Download God Of War For PS4 iso Free Full Version

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