Thursday, October 26, 2017

Download FIFA 18 PS4 ISO Free Full Version

The new version of the FIFA game has just been released, and although we do not see much variation in the game in this release, but the small change that EA has created in the game improves the experience of players from the game, the FIFA 18 game, like its previous version, using the fuse engine Designed byte thanks to this powerful engine in the game, we see graphic visuals and stunning visual effects, and this engine has allowed gamers to implement the environment outside the playing field in the game. In general, the FIFA 18 game has grown to a full extent, and we are witnessing one of the best versions of this series. "Free PS4 ISO PKG CFW Games Download

In the 2017 version of the game, which we saw for the first time in the FIFA FIFA story section, this section with its epic and realistic story has succeeded in achieving good success and playing tens of millions of users, playing FIFA 18 in the season. The second part is the storyline, and in the second season, as in the previous version, you have control of Alex Hunter and you need to help him reach his goal, which is the best player in the world.

The gameplay in the gameplay section has also been modified from the previous version, including changes to the mechanism of the cores and deep passes that make the player control more on the game, another part that has changed in FIFA 18 The Career Mode is a much more realistic game this year, and its transferring sector has undergone massive changes.

In the graphics section, the FIFA 18 is still impressive and lovely, and the studio will further improve the texture and texture in this year's edition so that the game can deliver a great experience to the user. Another positive aspect of FIFA 18 is the improvement of spectators' quality and their responses to the game, which can contribute a lot to the atmosphere of the game.

The FIFA 18 is undoubtedly the most complete version ever released from a football simulator, fascinating storyline, addictive gameplay, stunning graphics, the existence of all leagues licensed and having more than 80 stadiums in the game is only a small fraction of the FIFA 18.

Download FIFA 18 PS4 Free Full Version

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