Monday, September 18, 2017

Download PES 2018 PS4 ISO Free Full

How many years have the Pro Evolution Soccer series lost its sales and popularity to its longtime opponent, Fifa, Konami is well aware of this? Every year, adding new options and improving the gameplay, it tries to keep that distance between itself and Lower his opponent. This year, like in the past years in the summer of 2017, we are witnessing the release of a new version of the game, which Konami has promised to the atmosphere and more realistic tactics, as well as improved graphics to fans of the PES collection. "Free PS4 ISO PKG CFW Games Download

At FIFA 17, we saw the addition of a storyline that was very popular, and millions of times played by fans all over the world, but it seems Konami does not plan to add this part to the PES series. One of the serious problems that the PES series is always suffering from is the lack of full licensing of valid European leagues, which is also a major blow to both the game and the experience of play, this year, like in previous years, this defect still exists in the game, and Konami still There is no solution for it.

Almost since 2013, the PES gameplay lineup had its origins, and this has been the cause of the dreadful sale of games in the coming years, which fortunately Konami found out, and later revived the release, which will be in the 2017 version. Improvements came to maturity, and we saw a very realistic gameplay in PES 2017. This year, like Connie, it has not been idle in the past year and is still working on improving the gameplay, and plans to launch a full simulator to the marketplace with Fifa.

pes-2018-free-kick.jpg (1600×1066)

One of PES's consistently superior performances over its competitor, eye-catching graphics and attractive animations is the fact that thanks to the Fox-powered engine over the past few years. One of the problems with the graphic arcade game is that Konami uses this unique graphics exclusively in versions of the eighth generation of PS4 and Xbox One, but Konami has promised that in the 2018 version, we will not see a weak port of the seventh generation of consoles for personal computers. And the game for the PC also comes with the eighth generation graphics.

Konami seems to have learned from the mistakes that he has had over the years and continues to expand and improve the PES series if Kunami can solve the problem of licensing teams in Europe. Certainly, the PES series has returned to its predecessor and has become an opponent. FIFA will be serious and invincible.

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