Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Download Prey PS4 ISO Free Full Version

Download Prey PS4 Free Full Version ISO

In 2006, a first-person shooter Prey by 2K Games released the name of good ratings get many fans for your hands and his feet. 5 years later by changing its publisher Bethesda Softworks developers a new version called Prey 2 was introduced and after a while it stopped development program. But after a while the company Bethesda E3 conference a new version of the game, which was developed by studio Dishnored. Play a lot of changes and similarities to the first game of the previous title game makers are seen in Prey. "Free PS4 ISO PKG CFW Games Download

You play the role of Morgan Yu are at the beginning of the game you choose to play your character's gender. The story continues in 2032 but never played America President John. F. Kennedy in 1963 and the space program does not kill the incredible progress. You are one of the space stations called Talos-1 by John. Kennedy made Zmayshany deployed and are ongoing.

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Typhoon enemies in the game are aimed at hunting all people in the planet. Typhoon of different types with different characteristics that killing them with features and capabilities they receive. There are 3 different types of Typhoon, mimic the Phantom and Naytmr. The first type have the potential to shape the similar items available in the game, the speed of high and spiders are similar, when playing you will feel that Ashyahay in the environment mimic are not the natural means . Phantom also like shadows are human and have features such as teleport out at any moment you feel you are behind.

Download Games PS4 Free Full ISO

In the game you must upgrade feature for new features, there are also interesting in the game Krftyng systems, these systems are very similar to Dishnored and Deus Ex.

Fortunately, the graphics are good, the graphics mode plays like a painting, oil painting, but not in the series Dishnored. They have good texture work, but one of the positive points of this section in its details. You learn the game in great detail in a series of Fallot and other bases like Bethesda's Elder Askrvlz throws. Fortunately, the music and sound of the game also works well and is perfectly synchronized with the atmosphere of the game.

prey2-930x581.jpg (930×581)

Arkane Studios has once again proved that their previous success and ability to make great games have not a chance. Prey many ideas from other games, but with a great game by the creators of innovations. So I just bought the game because of a space station full of mysteries waiting for you!

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