Friday, May 12, 2017

Download Homefront The Revolution PS4 ISO Free Full

Download Homefront The Revolution PS4 Free Full Version

The theme of "revolution" is a bit cliché, it seems that the idea of ​​computer games and movies are some of the well-paid and others are unable to work and running, the first game Homefront with great difficulty could the success of any business, so over the past five years, this time the studio Dambuster trying to play Homefront: the Revolution gives life to this series. "Free PS4 ISO PKG CFW Games Download

The story in this edition not certain progress and the main theme is a little cliché, it can be said even more engaging version of the story before. The story takes place in 2029 and the main character in the future and this version of "Eaton Brady" is, he is a member increasing the resistance. In Philadelphia, North Korea seized control of the city and the state, but at the same time they missed exceed the Act is not resistance. The story is a good story, but the main theme is repeated over and over again in other films and games can be stereotyped for many gamers.

A1SxbthOI0L.jpg (1920×1080)

The gameplay is very well wrought and features amusing uses the game's open world and you are in the process of freedom you have many, gameplay is very similar to the games Far Cry, and if the fans of the series are Homefront Revolution for you are fun, you can take steps as Stealth forward and enemies one by one and silently kill or be the first to attack power and heavy weapons to use, all the gameplay depends on you, weapons, game variety I had a good and enjoyable to use them A lot of problems and bugs in the shooting and stealth, which can be annoying for some players a bit.
Games Homefront Revolution thanks to the graphics engine Cry Engine graphics takes full advantage also in terms of art and visual effects are also very well-wrought the effects and the lighting is very beautiful, whether night or day, light will always impressed, and is very beautiful, the texture quality is high and that there was a problem.

2916239-20150408_hfr_screen_05.jpg (4096×2301)

Finally, the game Homefront Revolution may suffer from repetitive plot, but good graphics and fun gameplay makes the game worth it.

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